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"Bulls make money. Bears make money. Pigs? They get slaughtered"
(Gordon Gekko)

In financial jargon, the word “bear” essentially stands for “negative”. This is due to the fact that, when hunting a prey, a bear stands tall and threatening, then it suddenly attacks coming down with its claws. From this similitude with downtrends in financial markets, it is used to say that a market is “bearish” , therefore a negative market.


A Bear, with its fierce claws, ready to slash the market.

Some Stock Exchanges placed a Bull sculpture to "guard" market trend. The most famous in the financial world is the Wall Street Bull, even if some other Stock exchanges have bull sculptures, like the Bombay Stock Exchange.

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange doesn’t just host the statue of a raging bull, instead it hosts both a bull and a bear, unmovable as it is in the nature of statues to be so, but constantly true and present in every moment, in every market. When referring to a negative market, we can also use the expression “bear market”.

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