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Studying, studying and even more studying. Yet, what shall we study? With so many books available we need a selection.
"I learned that books are never finished,
that it is possible for stories to go on writing themselves without an author."

(Paul Auster)

In his book “Soul and iPad”, Maurizio Ferraris writes: The result of the technological evolution did not imply the disappearance of the writing tradition for the triumph of the oral tradition. On the contrary, it has been characterized by an explosion of written essays, so much so that, even if cell phones competed for smaller sizes at first, with time, they started to grow in size displaying a screen and a keyboard. For writing, not for talking.

In this digital age, paper books still retain their charm. However, the enormous production of books about the Stock Exchange and Trading makes it for a trader essential to allot his time resources for training in a functional way.

In this section you will find a list of books divided by topics. Some books are interchangeable and display the same concept; others are original to the point to be misunderstood by most people. Some others are real classics to enjoy browsing as a pleasant refresher, from time to time.

Not all books cited in the sequential index are reviewed. To contribute suggesting new books or to review some others, please write to

The list of books is expected to expand over time.


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