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Whether it's gold, corn, oil or any other commodities a trader must always remember that, ultimately, he has to always and only to deal with numbers.
«If you start discussing with the market,
you already lost at the start.»

(Larry Hite)

On the market, a commodity is a product available at no qualitative differences, and even if the commodity’s producers change, it will retain its noun.

Great fortunes were made and lost on individual markets, securities or commodities. Think of the movie "Trading Places" where the brothers Mortimer and Randolph Duke lost all their fortune speculating, basing themselves on incorrect confidential information, or as we say, on concentrated orange juice.

"I want the market open, now. Drag in here all agents!
Set those machines running again!

(Mortimer Duke, after realizing he was bankrupt)

Fantasy or possible reality? Obviously, this film contains some Hollywood licensing. Prices usually do not move so much in a short time, since there are safeguards that limit market fluctuations within established parameters and also insider trading is a serious crime in America. But, apart from that, it is undeniable that commodities are an important resource for any trader who wishes to differentiate and expand his interests.



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