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«The real journey of discovery does not consist in seeking new landscapes,
but in having new eyes.»

(Marcel Proust)

The Circus has a new attraction.
A trader’s journey is never lonely. When trading, loneliness does not apply; there is always a battle between bull and bear, between who buys and sells and, ultimately, between Logos representing the ratio, the critical and objective thinking and Pathos the irrational instinct that links man to his animal nature.

A trader who enters the market is never alone. His speculations may be technical, accrued from a technical analysis software, or guided by the most impersonal and neutral of all trading systems, or he is guided by his intuitions, conveyed by the mass media or worst, driven by randomness, gambling and emotions.

The financial instrument that a trader buys and sells could have been built to manage risk or to exploit the trend, to ride markets otherwise unreachable or simply to speculate with the greatest possible leverage.

Behind every choice of action there is, after all, a financial broker who makes it possible. A trader has many traveling companions. Some are chosen, some imposed and others ignored but equally present.

This section, not emphasized by coincidence, wants to remind traders, aspiring traders and investors, that a journey in the financial markets has several companions; this is the list of our traveling companions, those we have chosen and those that have chosen us.

They will escort your trade at their best. We are quite certain.


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