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One thing is true only when it is proved that its opposite is false. Otherwise it could be partially true or partially false. In trading absolutes are to be avoided.
«The lack of money is not a problem.
The lack of ideas is».

(Ken Hakuta)

In this section you can find the formulas of the main indicators, oscillators and many variations with some interesting approaches.

The development of a formula requires a compatible language between us and our counterpart, the computer, with a little variation. One comma, one dot, one bracket, if wrongly placed, can make our computer query absolutely incomprehensible.

"Trade, earns, little risk of financial ruin."
"Trade, earns little, risk of financial ruin."

The construction of a formula or of an automated trading system first requires an idea and, as a result, a clear and accurate language, hence transforming our trading intention into an operating system. In this case, we have no need to be prophetic; we only have to provide accurate and clear instructions to our system.

To do this we use a programming language, a link between our intentions and the computer along with mathematical operators, operators of preference and hundreds of functions. Once you master the basics, creating formulas will be very simple.

Thus, the trading system developer can bend formulas to his own ideas, adjusting or complementing each formula basic concept.

When available, you can mainly find the codes in Metastock or Tradestation language.

Despite having paid the utmost attention in checking the codes, we cannot exclude errors; always check the formula and advise us of possible flaws.


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