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For an inexperienced trader, there is nothing worse than watching a big bullish move and having no position. Patience, waiting and planning have yet to occur in its operating protocol.
«Everybody has mental capacity for making money in the stock market.
But not everyone has sufficient will and spunk.»

(Peter Lynch)

Ticker old 2.jpg
How many things would a 1900 ticker tell, if only it could speak! At that time, when the paper tape was in use, there was no room for misunderstandings. Prices transformed the investment in joy or in sorrow.

Now everything is computerized, but once the ticker, with its undeniable charm, was the only tool for intraday pricing. The intraday trading or day trading is done within one single day.

The intraday market has a rewarding system different from that of everyday life. In real life, a person who is tenacious, stubborn, convinced of his own views and confident is seen as positive by the company and is generally appreciated, but try to imagine the damage that these "qualities" can do to a trader.

Think about it.

More than different trading techniques positioned on a circle, and therefore somehow on the same level, scalping, intraday trading and positioned trading are different trading techniques placed on a spiral. On different levels but, when viewed from above, in some circumstances, on the same point.

It has no importance what kind of trader you want to be, whether to buy or to sell, you still have to go by the book. And, even being a hectic scalper, the underlying trend will affect your books’ efficiency..

Everything is connected and, at the same time, highly waterproof..


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