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Jeff Cooper is a famous trader with a clear basic philosophy: "when you use your capital in a trade it exposes you to risk. If you are less time on the market, your capital will be less exposed to risk".

An embraceable concept that will surely have a grip on more active traders that operate in intraday timeframe. And indeed it is to them that Cooper’s book " Trading Hit & Run " refers. The book in fact is subtitled with a sentence that leaves no place for doubt: the Bible of the short-term trader .

Cooper introduces the trader in a dimension made of hits and runs, explosive patterns designed for operations that last a few days at most, always in favor of trend and with a stop loss as small as possible .

Through its models Cooper aims to:

  1. identify the optimal entry timing;
  2. identifying best congestion phases in the very short term;
  3. report bullish and bearish breakouts.
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