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«"Speculators may not harm just like deceiving cannot do it in a continuous flow of business.
But when the company is only about cheating in a whirl of speculation, then the situation is serious."»

(John Maynard Keynes)

The war of wealth - The run on the Bank. A business crisis of a large financial institution. This illustration of last century depicts people rallying to a distressed bank to withdraw their savings..
When trading the investors wants to earn much money. In effect, with little effort one can actually gain or lose money immediately and easily. Also, trading fascinates because for many people it is about the ability to break free from a gray, monotonous, predictable and binding lifestyle.

The idea of being the only judges of our professional conduct, feeling free at work and in life and making exceptional returns just by pressing a key is awfully attractive. It appears so simple and sound. It is us who do not understand.

A few years ago, someone published a book addressed to the legions of aspiring financial wizards; a small excerpt of that book is worth mentioning:

«Overnight, your five gold coins could become more than two thousand.
Two thousand! - repeated the Cat.
But how can they possibly become so many? - asked Pinocchio, flabbergasted.
I'll explain, said the Fox, you have to know that in the land of the Barn Owls there is a blessed field commonly called the Miracles Field. You dig a small hole in the ground and you put into it a gold coin.
Then you cover the hole with a little bit of dirt, water it with two buckets of fountain water, sprinkle a pinch of salt, and in the evening you go quietly to sleep.
In the meantime, during the night, the gold coin will sprout and flourish and the next morning, very early, when you will return to the field what will you find?
A tree laden with many gold coins, as many as grains on a corncob in the month of June.».

The Adventures of Pinocchio. Story of a Puppet. Carlo Lorenzini (Collodi) - Florence, 1883.

Truth is there is no system for steady returns on the stock market for the simple reason that the stock market itself does not move constantly. A good and informed trader knows that he can only follow the market. If the stock market rises, he buys, if it drops, he sells, and if he cannot decide, he simply refrains from doing anything.

This is one of the first rules to learn about trading, and the technical analysis helps to put it into practice.


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