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"The money is there but you cannot see it:
someone wins, someone loses.
Money per se is neither created nor destroyed.
It simply moves from one perception to another, like magic."

(Gordon Gekko)

Which are the markets where the money is transformed into financial instruments? And which are the main indexes? This section will try to fully answer these two questions by presenting the major Stock Exchanges, including stories about the foundation and market values’ oddities.

Historical illustrations of the NYSE, CBOT and CME seam so remote from present days’ reality, and when you see them for the first time, you feel overwhelmed. Yet, it is worth remembering that, even if the financial districts change, the substance remains the same. To create an exchange, buyers and sellers must be able to meet.

Where the meetings take place for supply and demand, markets are created, and subsequently, stock exchanges. Some markets contain real arenas called "trading pit", other markets are fully computerized. Ultimately, supply and demand always finds a meeting point.



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