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Per un trader lo scopo primario non deve essere la creazione della ricchezza a scapito del rischio. Non è mai troppo tardi per capirlo.
"Money never sleeps."
(Gordon Gekko)

A trader is a … Price Trader.

That might sound strange but it’s the simple truth. A Trader buys and sells prices, numbers and values that vary on the quantity traded, thus producing, more or less rapidly, losses and gains.

Also very large ones.

A trader decides to operate in the financial markets following its own "operating protocol" that often changes over time. Just to mention a few trading methods, some are based on fundamental analysis, others on analysis techniques, or on intuition, or on Gann’s or Elliott’s techniques, some more on Fibonacci numbers and their cycles, a few just following mere chaos!

As a matter of fact, a Trader has its own history, its own path that leads him to develop, employ and refine its approaches to price. Knowing history, anecdotes and some principles of great traders can definitely help the aspiring trader walking the lonely road to developing its own Trading method.


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