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«The sun only rises for those who are awake».
(William D. Gann)

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The most difficult aspect of this work was to put in order in a rational way the enormous amount of material available on William D. Gann. I purposely gave ample space to the description of this great trader’s life and work. For those who are about to study Gann for the first time, do not forget that you cannot assimilate his special techniques without first getting knowledge of his trading results.

Gann himself used to declare: "Before buying a course read the document of the real trading [meaning] the man who wrote it."

Following this mindset I collected, during many years of study, a huge amount of material on Gann. I essentially purchased anything available on the market about him. Nothing scared me, not courses written in English, which I purchased in America, or famous books of thousand and plus pages that Gann wrote, which sell for around 1,200€ in Europe, now.

I do not think your life as a trader will change because of Gann. However, most of the theories explained, alongside those of most common use, can provide interesting insights and expand the sphere of knowledge on the subject.

Gann used to say: "Markets are driven by impulses by cause not casually”. He spent his life to show how exactly connections and natural laws that govern relationships between man and the stock market work.

It is also true that many shades of his theories are weird, and I decided not to quote them. I did not want to deepen the astronomy section since, to fully understand the logic of its postulates, special notions are requested. What is known is that the same Gann, despite having made extensive use of astrology, never wrote anything specific on the subject. To satisfy all those who are interested in this particular topic, under section Bibliography, I mention numerous Gann’s works that deepen this part of his theory.

It seems only right to point out to this regard that, according to the research I conducted on Gann’s life, his son, his business partner for many years, disassociated himself from his father as a result of irreconcilable differences on this subject. He was convinced that astrology was totally unnecessary to make any prediction.

How to interpret then this modest contribution about Gann’s systems disclosure?

I believe one need intellectual capacity especially if interested in numerology, whereas studies about market cycles are much more immediate and useful, therefore more interesting.

The right mindset is what fuels passion and curiosity for novelty, the awareness that doing this activity as a profession guarantees satisfaction and fun, and just the desire to deepen the study of a matter that unites a large number of traders is sufficient.

Enjoy reading. Stefano Fanton


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