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Traderencyclopedia is a free on-line encyclopedia. The purpose of Traderencyclopedia is to share knowledge and culture of trading among traders who often ignore the simplest of truths:


although with some variations,

is repeated.

Always! "

For a trader the knowledge of techniques, markets, the pitfalls, the history and everything that gravitates around price is essential but often, because of an insane rush, it is forgotten that often it is paid with time what otherwise would have to be paid with money.

IMPORTANT: All texts are copyrighted, they are mostly extracts from books, DVDs and CD-ROM published by Stefano Fanton since 1996. The author reserves for himself all rights to use the content and it is forbidden to copy, modify, alter, share and redistribute in any form the content of this encyclopedia.

Texts and content by Stefano Fanton, unless otherwise specified.

Here it is a part of a story called the tale of the samurai.

.... leaving his young pupil the old samurai says "never be sure of the infallibility of the tips that I gave you. Just by doing so you can use them effectively, without abuse, always being free to listen, to seize the unexpected ...

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