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IMPORTANT: All texts are copyrighted, they are mostly extracts from books, DVDs and CD-ROM published by Stefano Fanton since 1996. The author reserves for himself all rights to use the content and it is forbidden to copy, modify, alter, share and redistribute in any form the content of this encyclopedia.

The texts and video content on were made with the highest reliability, accuracy and quality of the content, however, there may still be some errors that have escaped the controls, so you agree to use all the material provided by on your own risk. In particular, the content of the site, which must be understood as a service of pure information, does not constitute in any form, direct or indirect solicitation or a financial advice service.

Repeatedly the concept of the unpredictability of financial markets is recalled, any operational decisions that can be achieved as a result of the techniques presented on are taken in full decisional autonomy and the user shall assume the full responsibility for loss or any other direct or indirect damage. Each user of must be held responsible for the risks of their investments and for the use of the content of this web site.

Remember that financial speculation allows to earn a lot of money but, just as easily, allows to lose money.

Speculate with moderation and if you really can’t contain yourself, worry about the possible loss rather than the possible gains.

Stefano Fanton – Founder of Traderencyclopedia

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