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Bernard Madoff company website said: "has a personal interest in maintaining an unblemished record of value, fair dealing and high ethical standards." The high ethical standards did not prevent Bernard Madoff to implement an enormous Ponzi scheme which reduced to ashes the savings of thousands of investors. On 13 March 2009 begins his trial that ended with a sentence of 150 years in prison.

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This portal is the English translation of
The site is free and requires no registration, the translation is done by a team of enthusiasts in the FB group "Trader Encyclopedia ENG", if you want to support with proofreading, translation or the creation of new voices ask to join the group.

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"L'abolizione del dolore in chirurgia è una chimera. Bisturi vorrà sempre dire dolore."(Dr. Alfred Velpau, eminente chirurgo francese 1839)